Traffic surveys by Lorenzo BROCCHINI / Doctoral Student

Lorenzo Brocchini is a PhD student coming from the University od Pisa (UNIPI) in Italy, in cotutelle with UMR ESPACE in Avignon. He is an engineer in civil and industrial engineering and transport modelling. He is co-supervised by Professors Antonio Pratelli and Didier Josselin. He works on roundabout corridors in the field of emissions, efficiency and traffic safety. He is also developping theories on Braess paradox at fine network scales.

On the following pictures, you can see traffic surveys carried out on the Route de Marseille (Avignon) in March 2023, to obtain input data for the dynamic simulations of the aforementioned road intersections corridor. In particular, for each intersection, videos lasting an hour were made using digital cameras. These videos were then processed subsequently to obtain the O/D (Origin/Destination) matrices relating to each intersection that make it possible to know the route followed by each vehicle (ie where it entered and where it then left from) and refer to peak hour. These surveys were carried out on weekdays from 16.30 to 17.30, a time when traffic is very intense. The dynamic simulations of the Route de Marseille (which has the characteristics to be considered a Roundabout Corridor) are one of the fundamental parts of Lorenzo Brocchini’s PhD thesis entitled “Expected impacts of ITS and automated vehicle technology on safety and capacity of roundabout corridors”.

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